Saturday, March 26, 2005

Insert Inane Disney Theme Song Here

So we all know that I work at Trinity on Friday nights, or if we didn't we do now. Since there's no way I get out of work before 1am, I'm always kind of leery about walking back to the dorm alone (there's a parking lot, you know, and a not-so-nice neighborhood right out there). Duke's hired these rentacops - they're called Securitas - to patrol campus every night so people don't get mugged, robbed, raped, etc. And every Friday night my friend Andrew, who works for Securitas, walks me home. He's my age. We're buddies. So anyway, tonight we were talking:

Allison: So what do you study at Durham Tech?
Andrew: Web design. So I can make all sorts of websites and everything. I started out doing computer programming, but I took the intro class and realized halfway in 'hey, this sucks!' so I switched.
Allison: Hey, man, that's ok. You can make a lot of money doing web design. My best friend's dad does it for Time Warner Cable, and he does pretty well.
Andrew: Huh. Time Warner Cable? Around here?
Allison: Yeah, they moved down here when I was in 7th grade.
Andrew: What's his name?
Allison: Dave...
Andrew: ...Lewis. He's my teacher.
Allison: NO WAY!
Andrew: Yeah. So you're from Buffalo, then, and
Allison: his daughter and I have been best friends since forever! I used to spend afternoons
Andrew: in his restaurant, because he ran an Alaskan fish place, but then he went to UNC and HATES Duke and
Allison: we have 'discussions' about it all the time! And that's part of the reason I decided to come to Duke, because I would have people here and
Andrew: sometimes it's nice to have somewhere you know you can go if you need to feel at home.
Allison: Andrew, you have just made my weekend.
Andrew: You're welcome.

Life makes me happy sometimes.


Blogger :D said...

dood. that is awesome....

so is the fact that he is dave lewis... the same as Brownie '01-'02 "Lil Dave"!

3/27/2005 2:19 AM  

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