Saturday, March 19, 2005


search for: donald clarke skaneateles

4th result (are we related to him? we're probably related to him.)

search for: "in your easter bonnet"

3rd result (BWAHAHAHAHAHA...I have beat out the people who actually celebrate the holiday)

I would do a real update, except I have nothing really to update about. I realized about three hours ago that the paper I thought was due next Monday is due this Monday, so there's that. I drive Jeannie's car places while she's not here (and by "places" I mean "to West because I'm too lazy to take the bus but then again I end up having to walk from the Wanny parking down by the traffic circle anyway"). All the fish are alive. There's more stuff, in theory, but I don't want to get dooced (I might work for a company whose name might rhyme with SMARAMARK, but then again I could be making it up).

What? I can't get fired just for saying for whom I work. Can I? I can't. No. That would be unconstitutional. Anyway, it just RHYMES with SMARAMARK. Or KRAMARAMS. I also work for Udek Tooniversity Desirential Fife nad Sousing Tervices. Maybe.

There's also the fact that the return of the residents (what I'm calling "reinfestation") has begun. Sob. I think it's bad enough that I dreamed about breaking up a mad hardcore drinking party in Barcelona last night (oh, if only I were kidding); do I actually have to start breaking up mad hardcore drinking parties in Durham again? I do not feel up for this in any way. Also, for a blissful 40 hours I was the only person using my bathroom, and I am now emotionally attached to it. Pretty bathroom. Shiny. Smells of unidentifiable chemicals.

That reminds me: I think I've grown up, because I was standing at the West bus stop the other day and someone had spilled a bottle of motor oil onto the pavement. The puddle was all swirly and rainbowy, and all I could think was "oh my god the water table!". This is sad. And the next day I spent 15 minutes watching a worm crawl across the sidewalk in the rain, and all I could think was "muscles elongate....muscles contract. Muscles elongate...muscles contract".

I think I've inherited the Clarke weird gene.

Meh, don't mind me, I'm just melancholy because the kids are back and so my break is over two days early. Dammit. Damn them. They blew it up! Damn them all to hell!


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