Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Heinous Things I Have Seen Today

1. Someone who spelled bourgeois "burguis". (about 3/4 of the way down the page). Honestly, Yale. I accept slightly mangled spellings of originally French words (I am related to Grandpa, after all), but that doesn't even LOOK right. Burg-oois. As opposed to booge-wah. Sad, Ivy League.

2. Someone else, with whom I am friends on facebook and who shall remain nameless for the protection of their own dignity, who put Michel Foucault as the author of their favorite book. Their favorite book Discipline and Power. Their favorite book Discipline and Power which, incidentally, is named Discipline and Punish.

3. I didn't see this today, but it goes with the general topic of the thingie here and bears inclusion.
I was studying at Trinity about this time last semester when I saw a flock of cute sorority girls come in. I heard them talking about one of their friends (or mentors? I dunno, I didn't ask):
"Oh, nooo, she's really a great person. Yeah, no, she joined like the Peace Corps or something to work with these kids in Ethiopia. And all the kids are - what's the word? It's when you're really skinny because you don't get enough food and your stomach sticks out and stuff. Umm...I think it starts with an e...OH! OH! INEBRIATED! That's right, she works with inebriated kids."

I would have started to laugh if my jaw had been able to rise above the level of my navel.

I absolutely adore failed attempts at intellectual elitism.


Anonymous Craig said...

Reminds me of the best line from the movie Donnie Darko. If you've seen it, you probably can guess which line I mean.

3/10/2005 1:09 AM  

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