Thursday, May 05, 2005

Buffalo, Mecca of Prozac-Addicts Everywhere

We feel pret-TY! Oh so pret-TY! We feel pret-TY and wit-TY and GAAAAAAY!

To be honest, I'm not really surprised. Buffalo has a disintegrated economy, rampant and overt governmental fraud/incompetence, a school system spinning wildly down the drain like the Child in the Tub People book, and a mafia pizza parlor. But you know what else we have? Mighty Taco.

And masochism.


Anonymous craig said...

I have said many times that I think the entire city of Buffalo has PTSD. And if anyone knows PTSD, its me.

5/06/2005 3:19 AM  
Anonymous craig said...

ok, so looking again, Buffalo is 11 happiest based on sales of anti-depressants or lack thereof.

Which, knowing Buffalo, doesn't lead me to believe its because we're happy... more like because Buffalonians are in denial, or conservative with a small c and think only crazy people seek psychiatric help... 19th century attitudes... or we're all pissed off and unhappy but why should WE get treatment - its not our fault, its YOUR fault... or something like that.

Or that we just don't know it can be different.

5/06/2005 3:27 AM  

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