Thursday, April 07, 2005

Russ Ferguson Is Not A Jerk

I know, I'm just as surprised as you are!

Below please see correspondence (and while I'm sure there's bias going every-which-way in this election, I trust anyone who says the Chronicle's terrible):

****(Russ responds)****

Allison, I filed no complaints. While the Chronicle may make you believe otherwise, the Election Commission found the inactive link, a DSG justice sent in the screen shot, and it was the commission who asked her to take it down during the day. I filed no complaints about that. Nothing at all was filed about the bridge and it was Jesse who reported the banner-hanging because he wanted to use that same window.

I lost the election, so I'm sure you're happy; however, I do want to address your concerns. I never wanted Emily disqualified and was shocked it happened, especially after the judiciary's recommendation that we simply have another vote with all three of us.

In any case, it was definitely a nasty election and it should not have been. This is the third time I've run for executive office and I've never had a sanction against me and I've never filed a complaint.

I also never blamed Emily for the bridge, as was mis-reported by the Chronicle. Upon seeing the bridge I immediately called the attorney general and sent a supporter of mine to buy paint to paint over it.

As far as your attachment, anyone is allowed to have live links in their
away messages and profiles except for the candidates themselves.

I'm sorry that this election turned you away from DSG, I hope that you will vote in future elections, you certainly seem to keep well-informed and that's commendable.

Sorry about all the confusion.


****(Allison eats crow)****


Thanks for responding (I wasn't really expecting you to, so even more thanks). I knew the Chronicle wasn't exactly a bastion of objective reporting/fact-checking/competence, but I had no idea they sucked that badly.

I apologize for my smart-assery. In the future, I'll send all snide remarks to the Chronicle first. And you should consider talking to them about their reporting style, since I know I am not the only one to have thought these things.

Anyway, for what it's worth, you've redeemed yourself to me and I will spread the word among my friends. I'm sorry some crappy reporting/inaccurate wordplay cost you the election.


****(mmm, crow, yum yum yum)****

Thanks Allison. I'm really trying to clear up everything the Chronicle has
said...but definitely easier said than done.

Over the years, I've realized the Chronicle just isn't worth much - I don't
think they've gotten one quote from me right the entire time.

Anyhow, I appreciate you at least being active and staying up with elections
- that's more than I can say for most people here.

If you're ever thinking about getting involved in DSG, I think you'd be
good. Not that I can be of much help now, but let me know if you are.

As far as talking to the Chronicle, I sent them a few choice emails over
this whole thing...and stopped talking to them, yet somehow they still got
quotes from me...odd.

Have a great weekend.



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