Monday, October 25, 2004

Time Flies When You're Having Crises

Today is the midway point of Duke-in-Madrid.

So, instead of giving you the rundown on Barcelona, I am going to do a resumen-type-thing. No, that's not English. No, I don't remember what the word for resumen is in English. Go away.

Things That Are Awesome About Spain

Abundance of fresh, long, crunchy bread.
Churros con chocolate. I just tried them yesterday. It's amazing what happens when you take deepfried and dip it in pure, liquid chocolate.
Oranges, of which I tried my first today. They are a good reason to stay here.
Actually, lots of yummy and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Socialist party in power. heheheheheheh please win Kerry sob sob.
Hey, so THAT'S what the Kyoto Accords are! --funny story-- I was sitting in the Metro a couple of weeks ago watching TV, and it started talking about how the Minister of Industry predicts that reducing emissions because of Kyoto will not affect productivity...and my first thought was "Holy crap, Bush signed KyotoWAIIIIIT wrong country." The fact that the clip was in Spanish apparently didn't mean much to my brain.
There's TV in the Metro. Had I neglected to mention that? It's pretty cool. They keep running the Madrid for 2012 Olympics commercial on loop. Not so cool.
"Let's go to Lisbon for the weekend." "OK!"
I am meeting a lot of nice new Dukies and bonding with them in hardship-type situations, most of which involve being hit on by creepy people.
Public transportation good yes hurray, except for last night, which I will explain later.
No Bush. No Bill O'Reilly.

Things That I Would Kill to Go Home For
I got a tandem letter from Jeannie and Deirdre last night. Do you have any idea how much I miss you guys? How about SO MUCH IT HURTS.
Dryers/ fabric softener.
Express, none of this stupid expensive LaCoste and Longchamp store crap. Express. Gap. Penny's. Clothes I can afford.
Mighty Chicken Fajitas/Cosmic Veggie Quesadillas (they're both fake Mexican, so they go together).
Wings, pizza, Ben&Jerry's, s'mores, and all the little foody things that make parties with EAers so much fun.
Skim milk in a carton.
No exchange rate/having a job/no roaming fees/not having to worry about money all the time.
My compy, my Playstation, and all the pretty little electronic gadgets that give my life meaning.
Semblance of objective news reporting, except for Bill O'Reilly.
Daily Show/Family Guy/The Simpsons.

...but especially Mighty.

Stupid Mighty.


Blogger :D said...

I was going to say the word is "bilan", but then I remembered that that is French. I think it might be "overview" in English...

10/25/2004 6:44 PM  

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