Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Puzzling Out My Life

This is more for me than for you all, so feel free to ignore if you would like.

Classes Required, Spanish Major: 10
Classes Completed, Spanish Major: 6
Other Requirements Not Completed, Spanish Major: 2 140+ courses
Classes Required, Art History Major: 10
Classes Completed, Art History Major: 6
Other Requirements Not Completed, Art History Major: 2 200+ courses (296S and one other), 1+ Non-Western course, 1+ Ancient course
Classes Not Completed, C2000: 1 QID, 1 NS, 1 R, 1 W (since when do we need 3 Ws!?)
Other Requirements: German 66, German 100+?
Really Should: at least START French

Definitely Taking This Semester:

ART HISTORY 296S, Methodology of Art History (R, W, CZ), unless they don't give me permission which would piss me off.
ART HISTORY 125A, Archaeology of Athenian Democracy (Ancient, CCI, W, CZ)
GERMAN 66, Intermediate German (who cares)
SPANISH 151, Literature of the Renaissance and Baroque (CCI, FL, 140+ Spanish class)

So. Graduation with Distinction in Art History requires 1 200+ course fall of senior year and the thesis written on the same subject the semester after. That's two credits knocked out. Combined with 296, Archaeology, and my Non-Western, that's 11 credits (unless I decide to have the 200+ be Non-Western...which could happen, I guess).

The question now becomes ┬┐what should I overload with?

I could take the course to knock out my NS/QID, though I'd rather do it in the fall and take Dino Bio (ahahahehehehehohohohuhuhuhu). I could take my Non-Western Art History, which looks really cool (Chinese Visual Culture) - but then I'd be taking 3 Art Histories, which is by no means a bad thing, but I might get kind of unbalanced. And I don't want to drop Archaelogy because it's with Dillon and she's awesome. I could take a 140+ Spanish course, which would finish my upper-level reqs in Spanish and let me take relatively less ridiculous courses next year, when I'm working on my thesis. But then my Non-Western next fall might be something like Japanese Architecture, which isn't bad, but it's not as cool as Chinese Visual Culture. Or I could start French, which would be useful for grad school but in terms of graduation requirements is worth nothing.

I think the best idea might be to take the Spanish...as much as I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THAT ART HISTORY CLASS, Spanish 142 would demolish my major requirements there, pretty much, and free me up to take easier Spanish courses my senior year and focus on the thesis. So, if I do that,

Spanish Classes Completed: 8
Art History Classes Completed: 8
Still Needed, Fall Senior Year: Dino Bio or equivalent, Art Hist 200+, 1 Spanish class, Art Hist Non-Western
Still Needed, Spring Senior Year: Art Hist Thesis, French 1, 1 Spanish Class, German something? or PHYSED CLASSES!

Phew. Ok, sorry. Now let's just hope I'll be able to get INTO Spanish 142...because then I would have to do this allll over again.


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Phew! Makes me dizzy.

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