Monday, October 18, 2004

Just Say No

Reasons NOT to go running screaming back to Leftie to buy the perfectly slightly-off-white fitted waistlength peacoat for 39.90€:

1. Television. Because what's the use of having a slick $20 Playstation if there's nothing to play it on?
2. Flatscreen. As faithfully as Grandpa's 7 year old Packard Bell 15" CRT with the busted backlighting has served me all these years, I think it's time for it to sleep with the fishes.
3. Microsoft Office. The pirated versions give my compies diseases, and they cry.
4. iPod. I am a poser, after all!
5. PS2. It's never enough to be happy with the slick $20, is it, Allison?
6. An immense list of computer games I won't torture you with here.
7. I already have a peacoat.

Phew. I feel better now. I'll just buy a scarf and gloves for 10€ at H&M and be happy with that, I suppose. And maybe some running pants. But the rest is going STRAIGHT to the electronics.

Yay for self...control?


Blogger :D said...

dood, you're crazy. that peacoat would be MINE by now. 40 euros??

10/20/2004 11:55 PM  
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