Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Small Developments

Asked and received: Permission to use the kitchen of one Pilar Cerrada to make fantastic things. What these fantastic things will be, I don't know. I have this unholy desire to try my hand at spaghetti sauce, but feel that it might be better postponed until I'm at home, where everyone expects me to make crappy food. Am seriously considering zucchini bread, and if I don't have it by next week I might go postal.

Received this morning: Letter from RLHS telling me to get my act together and figure out where I'm living next year. Ahahahaha. I don't have even a bit of a clue on that one. Jeannie! Is the other Brownie showing signs of an imminent breakdown, or do I need to formulate a backup plan?

Portugal this weekend? I would know, except no one showed up this morning when we were supposed to go check on bus tickets. Well...no one except me. Sigh.

Ongoing: Mommer hostel search. It's hard. It takes phone calls and time and Spanish. Sigh.

Not going on: Weather change. It's hot.

Gone: Absentee ballot. Yay!

Tomorrow's highlight is going to be lunch at the Rong Xin Chinese restaurant...I hope. It doesn't look like a sketchy place - but the only thing worse than sketchy Chinese is sketchy foreign Chinese (well, unless you're in China, I guess). Chinese Tapas. Yeeks. They have dumplings. :D

Yay, dumplings! Yay, zucchini bread (and maybe banana bread, and maybe spaghetti sauce and garlic bread)! Yay, pipe dreams of being independent business owner and waking up at 3am every day to bake pastries! Yay, the pressure of a high-cost education!


Blogger Coral Clarke said...

"Ongoing: Mommer hostel search. It's hard. It takes phone calls and time and Spanish. Sigh."

Um. Weren't you just saying that you had too much free time? And aren't you there primarily to SPEAK SPANISH??

"Not going on: Weather change. It's hot."

It was 32F here when I got up this morning. I broke down and turned on the furnace because it was only 58F in the house a couple of hours later. I'll trade with you. Now.

Sorry I couldn't find the banana bread recipe you were asking for. I'm sure I have a healthier one though. Zucchini bread, too.

10/05/2004 1:06 PM  
Blogger Jeannie said...

i think all brown RAs are showing imminent signs of breakage...they are some ummmm...special....kids this year ;-)

but i NEED you in east 1 where the drama is great...

10/06/2004 7:58 AM  

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