Sunday, September 26, 2004

You, Bring Me The Wall Street Journal.

Random things:

Can I TELL you how much I crave a copy of the Times? Even the Sunday version, with all the pretentious fashion stuff and the Tiffany ads on the inside cover and the features on Met exhibits I won't be able to see. :( Where has all my New York gone?

When I breathe, I sound like a running air conditioner. I wonder how long I should wait before doing something about that. (I can see the headlines now: "Stupid American Girl, Thinking Cold Was Gone, Develops Fatal Case of Pneumonia")(I'd translate it but I don't know the word for pneumonia.)

I MISSED PANS & COMPANY SOOOOOO MUCH. Mom, when you get here your very first meal is going to be a Pechuga from Pans. Count it.

I have spent approx. 10 hours this weekend randomly wandering around Madrid (planning the Mommy Walk of Fame(ous Things)). My feet hurt.

Spanish musicals have only slightly more talent and resources than your average H&H show, but are MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE (Singin in the Rain, first balcony, €33 plus the money I have to pay my podiatrist after trying to walk in those ridiculous tying-up shoes).

If you see a really good looking ice cream store, never say "I'll just come back later", because you are not going to be able to find it again. Guaranteed.

Sometimes, if you go to the right places and squint (and close your ears), Madrid looks like Paris.

Sometimes, if you go to the right places and are dressed up, Madrid looks (and sounds, and tries to grab your butt) like Sodom and Gomorrah.

So back to PANS & Co. Do you think that the people there will notice if I go in and try a different sandwich every day until I run out? Do you think I could swing it? Would they start to think of me as the Weird Culturally Stunted American Chick? Am I a Weird Culturally Stunted American Chick?

I am going to kill one of my Art History profs. I will have to save this explanation for when I have more than 15 minutes until the lab closes.

As predicted beforehand, I am homesick for New York in the fall. The city is filled with chestnuts, which are good, but chestnut leaves don't turn, and they don't have apple cider, and the food isn't the same fall-y home-y food and I can't make zucchini muffins or go run around in the woods and I really really crave chicken and stuffing or that Waldorf turkey breast thing with the cinnamon raisin bread and the apple juice. I want a muffin and a mommy. :( (I don't know why I only get homesick in the fall. Never any other time. Just the fall.)

Now I'm out of time. I want apple cider.


Blogger Coral Clarke said...

1. If you're lungs are rumbly, get it checked out!
2. If I knew what Pans & Co. was, I'd be able to comment intelligently, but food is good. I like food.
3. I told you you wouldn't be able to walk in those shoes!!! :)
4. I can't wait to check out Madrid with you. I'm going to bring a great big bottle of aspirin for my feet. I'll share it with you!
5. I can stick a NY Times in my suitcase, if you'd like.
6. I was planning on surprising you with a small bottle or two of cider, figuring that if there was ONE thing you'd want from home, THAT would be it. (I may have to freeze some in order to still have it in November. Does it taste good after being frozen and thawed?) Now it won't be a surprise. :(

9/27/2004 9:08 AM  
Blogger Allison said...

You could have not told me and it still would have been a secret, ya dope.

Bring baked goods, it will be as good as a secret.

9/28/2004 11:54 AM  
Blogger Coral Clarke said...

It wouldn't have been the same after you begged 40,000 people for it!

9/30/2004 3:42 PM  

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