Monday, September 20, 2004

When You Lick a Frog, You're Licking Every Frog That Frog's Ever Been With

Good news: I have a lot to tell you.
Bad news: My ability to do so is seriously curtailed by internet access and time restraints. I'll work on it, but...*sob* I miss my computer.

Good news: Class starts tomorrow!
Bad news: It would figure that I have to pick the one major (Art History) with the most non-specific requirements on earth, meaning that of the three classes I'm taking in the department I betcha beans I'll get credit for one, but only after frantically emailing every professor I've ever had in a futile effort to figure out what is going on.

Good news: I can afford to spend money...
Bad news: ...because the great fantastic October plan fell through. Maldita credit card. Luckily, it saved me from myself (Allison's conscience says "$300 on plane tickets? What were you THINKING?". Allison's credit card says "Don't worry, I am the surrogate when the conscience is ignored". And it is).

Good news: ...
Bad news: When we got back from the field trip last night, everyone had letters waiting but me.

Actually, that's not bad news. That's Clarke news. I've been expecting it.

Speaking of Clarke news, Mom, make the reservations for the week we were talking about and I'll work around it.

Good news: I found a dojo!
Bad news: I can't seem to show up there when it's open and there are no hours posted. Odd.

More later. It might even come tonight, but probably not. Class starts tomorrow! I am so excited!


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Do you mean snail mail letters? My password wouldn't work and I couldn't post anything on here, so opened another account just now.

9/20/2004 2:50 PM  
Blogger Coral Clarke said...

People still write LETTERS? Hey, I emailed you! Several times, even!

9/20/2004 3:22 PM  
Blogger :D said...

hahaha... I actually did write you a letter, and gave the envelope (addressed and stamped) and the notepad to Jeannie so she could enclose one too...

I assume she still has them. But you know we both love you very much!

9/22/2004 5:20 AM  

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