Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Portugal, ¡Sí!

It is official! Kori Jones, Issa Hanna and I will be visiting Lisboa, Portugal from Friday till Monday. I am excited, not least of all because Portugal is much, much cheaper than Spain. Cheap food! Ocean locale! It couldn't get better!

A Short Dialogue
Allison, to Issa and Kori while booking tickets: Hey guys, while we're in Portugal we should go check out a fado club.
Issa: What's fado?
Allison: It's a singing style, typically Southern Portuguese - you go to bars and listen to it.
Kori: Sounds cool, why do you want to do that?
Allison: Partially because it sounds neat...and partially because my uncle threatened me with bodily harm if I don't.

(got 10 minutes, this will be quick)

What I like to call The Boy Problem

I am a smiley person, usually. When I see people on the street or BC walkway or something, I like to smile at them and make their day better. However, I can't really do that here, because I never know if the next guy I smile at is going to start up with "oye, chica, chica guapa, te quiero, cásate conmigo y tendremos hijos". So today I took a risk and smiled at a guy, and he was really nice and smiled back and I seemed to make his day better...

...then, two minutes later, I passed a group of guys and made eye contact with none of them, upon which one grabbed my arm and tried to wrench me over to him.

The karate skills are coming in HANDY-DANDY, my friends.

More...after Portugal, maybe!


Blogger Carrie Kelley said...

So, being the Spanish ignoramous that I am, I printed your Boy Problem and took it to a co-worker who is from Peru. I asked her what your quote meant. First she laughed, with her hand covering her mouth, and then proceeded to tell me what those boys over there are saying.

Incidentally, I have TWO co-workers from Peru. One's name is PILAR! The other's name is Consuelo.

AND... my Manager's name is ALLISON! Sheesh!

10/07/2004 1:11 PM  
Blogger Coral Clarke said...

I think it's kinda sweet, for a catcall. Much more polite than you'd get here.

But I'm glad you still remember some karate, kid. Do you think you could flip someone? :)

10/08/2004 8:27 AM  

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