Thursday, October 07, 2004

More Things that Make Me Mad

(Sorry, but I'm sitting here and I've 45 minutes till the lab closes, so I have to waste the time somehow).

1. I have to figure out next semester housing. Already. I don't even know what I want to DO for housing, because despite my desire to RA again that's not guaranteed. Do I want oncampus? Should I apply for the offcampus lottery? Is there any way at all I can get my own apartment? Will I have to wait till the last minute to hear back from RLHS about RA spots?

2. Spring semester registration starts next week, and I have a block on my account. Between the people at financial aid and Dad, this happens EVERY SEMESTER. I am really, really sick of having to stress out until the last minute about whether I'll get the classes I want.

3. The spring classes in the Art History department don't cycle, ever. So the courses they're offering this spring are the same courses they offered last spring and the spring before that and the spring before that...which means that I've taken a lot of them, or at least the ones that will actually help me progress in the department. I need to take the classes offered in the FALL, but surprise! I can't! which means that I'll be taking 3 or 4 Art History courses next fall instead of distributing them evenly. This is worse because the requirement classes aren't distributed right either (ie. I need a class to fulfill my Ancient requirement, but there aren't any offered in the spring. At all.)

4. Ditto #3, all language departments. If I want to take beginning Chinese (or Arabic or whatever), why do I have to do it in the fall? Why can't I start in the spring? I can't even take the intensive course (which I would, I don't care).

5. The Art History DUS won't get back to me about what courses I'm taking here count for what requirements. Can we just sum it up and say that I hate the Art History Department? I loooove Art History, but I HATE the department.

6. I have to start planning my thesis. Will I do one? (yes, almost definitely.) What will it be on? When am I gonna carve out the time to take care of it? *sob*

7. Hemorrhaging money. Of course. I miss my job(s). I hope I will get them back later. And on top of this, he (Dad) wants me to get a CAR? Who does he think he's kidding?

8. Library open VERY inconvenient hours. Pissed off.


Blogger :D said...

re: #1. If you were to not get an RA position, it would be awesome (and probably cheaper) to live off campus (assuming you would want to live with me, which of course you should not feel pressured about :) however I have not actually looked into the availability of any apartments and I kindof doubt that there would be available apartments. But you should see if it's possible to enter the off-campus lottery and drop out later. Central apartments are more likely to be had, I think, though probably not in prime locations--personally I don't care, since I have the scooter... transport might be a pain for you, but then again not as bad as off-campus would be. However, rumore has it (via Jeannie) that an RA in Alspaugh is going abroad, so all of this is probably irrelevant. :)

re: #6. Don't worry! You do in fact have quite a while to think about it. I would use your copious study-abroad free time (haha) to browse the art history section of the library and just see what things or genre of things catch your eye the most. My personal choice would be something along the lines of interaction between art and politics, then and now, but then again I'm a political science major. :)~ Anyway, all that comes much, MUCH later. stop stressing.

re: #8. Here in America, the assault-weapons ban recently expired...

re: #s 2,3,4,5,7: I got nothin'. sorry kidd.

10/13/2004 11:37 AM  

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