Thursday, October 28, 2004

Old Post, Stupid Blogger


From Thursday a week ago:

My Brain Does a Really Good Cartman

was the only thing I could think after waking up this morning.

Is it a serious problem if I can dream up a near-perfect impression of a South Park character? I don't even watch that much South Park. Why couldn't I have gotten some Family Guy?

More random things:

Madrid has a Kiss-franchise radio station. I can't even tell you how sad this makes me. Well - not as sad as the radio station Pilar listens to that likes to use phrases like "power corrupts" to describe Zapatero (Socialist and current president of Spain). Apparently, even the semblance of balanced reporting has been dropped here.

I spent many of my childhood years thinking that magpies were an invention of Aesop. I also called magenta "magneta" and thought lined paper was lioned paper. During my childhood years, I was an idiot.

Because magpies exist, and all. Though the big tails make them look slightly unwieldy when they fly. I wonder what the tails are for, other than Aesop's Fable-writing.

So we're leaving tomorrow to go to Barcelona for the weekend. Barcelona has both a chocolate museum and an erotica museum. I CANNOT TALK PEOPLE INTO GOING TO THEM. WHAT IS WRONG WITH DUKE STUDENTS?

I mean, come on!

Results of the guess-how-much-money-Allison-has-contest are slightly scrambled. I originally had .63€ ($.79), but then I found a penny in the street (.64€, $.80). Puzzle out who wins between yourselves - but I can't send you a postcard because GUESS WHAT I CAN'T AFFORD THE STAMP. Though chances are I have already written it and can hand-deliver it to some point. Maybe. [ed. note: I can afford the stamp now. I just have to get my crap together. Maybe after midterms I will do a mass mailing.]

Speaking of mail, Faye sent me a card! Public shout-out to Faye! It has weiner dogs on it, which makes it better (I was about to write see my dilemma?).

It is 9:45am. I have been up since 6. It's time for me to bow out. Peace, love, and Barcelona vibes.


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Yeah, my posts didn't show up, either (see my blog). Also, I have a comment I made on one that is in triplicate, and I don't know how to get the two extra ones off without losing one that another person wrote.

10/29/2004 7:14 PM  

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