Friday, October 29, 2004

Meat and Potatoes

Sitting in my fridge up till yesterday: one (1) raw pig foot. Not the leg. Not, say, the hock. Just the foot, and maybe as much of the ankle as Laura Ingalls Wilder would consider scandalous.
Sitting on the counter as of last night: one (1) cooked pig foot. Burnt. Black. Uncovered.
Half of dinner last night: two (2) burgers, which I am assuming were made of turkey. Uncooked. Absolutely pink, inside and out. Still pasty inside.
Sitting in fridge: one (1) raw turkey burger, imperfectly wrapped.
Fridge smells like: don't make me think about it.
I miss: food safety standards.

Next week: midterms.
Amount of studying I had done before this week: none.
Abnormality factor of Allison not having studied Art History compulsively for the past two weeks: high.
Amount of pages written for crappy paper: 7.
Was supposed to have achieved by today, amount of pages written for crappy paper: 10.
Likelihood of achieving goal: low.
Irritation at receiving another 4 pages to write for midterm, due by next Monday: considerable.
Research done, hardcore Art History paper: none.
How screwed I am: very.
How procrastinatory I am: see above.


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Be careful what you eat!

10/29/2004 7:16 PM  

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