Saturday, August 27, 2005

Best Home Invasion Ever

So today, while I was embroiled in an extremely long but ultimately uplifting Trinity meeting, someone broke into my dormpartment and gave me furniture.

I had asked for furniture, you see, because I have quite a bit of floor space for only a bed and a desk chair. I asked for a loveseat and an end table, not expecting to get either, but hey you have to put these things on paper because that's how bureaucracy works. Besides, a loveseat and end table would perfectly compliment my beanbag chairs and the table I was planning on making from Tupperware containers and plywood.

Yeah, well, go bureaucracy. I got a full-sized couch, two enormous puffy chairs, two end tables, and a coffee table. In fact, I got so much furniture that half of the living room set is now resting its laurels in the bedroom, where it will never be used but will contribute to my claims of seating for 8+. None of my furniture is made from construction site scrap material! It is new and fluffy! I have two places for sleeping and three places for reading (well...four, I suppose, because the bathroom counts)!



Blogger Rita Xavier said...

It sounds like a great apartment, Allie. I would love to come see it. Maybe I'll make it there before you graduate.

By the way, what is your course load like this semester, besides working on your thesis?

And---are you in the choir? Did you sing Sunday? What is your location - same as before? Is that enough questions?

8/27/2005 12:38 PM  

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