Monday, January 17, 2005

Fun With Oopsieses

1. The monitor came today. Upon opening it I spent almost fifteen minutes screaming "Oh my God! I love you! You're so big! I love you!" before I realized that I live on a hall full of guys and should probably stop.

2. Stole this from Jeannie/Quitters. It shames me. Buffalonians are supposed to be nicer than this.

3. I have a fun story involving priests and me cussing. Ask me about it.

4. One of my residents came up to me today and said "Allison, we just wanted to let you know that we all think you're a really cool RA and like you a lot". This is a marked improvement from last year, when I came home one night to find "BITCH" scrawled on my white board (why didn't I tell you? I was ashamed, that's why).


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