Wednesday, January 12, 2005


My New Art History Professor, Who Will Probably End Up Being Very Cool: I don't believe in assigning excerpts from books. So all the books you bought you will be reading in their entireties. PS. Here's a couple hundred pages of Hegel you get to do this week.
Allison, Frightened Undergrad: AUGH!
MNAHPWWPEUBVC: Also, you are going to be writing your asses off this semester.
Trinity And Its Minions: Take a Friday closing shift!
AFU: Ok!
Chapel Choir: Here's a 9am Sunday rehearsal!
AFU: But work Friday night plus early Sunday mornings equal...NO SOCIAL LIFE! AUGH!
Class Schedule: I'm overloaded!
AFU: Me too, and it's only the first day!


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