Friday, December 03, 2004

Reasons to Bury the Head Under the Pillow and Die

1. "Allison, you need to let me know when we're going to give you this exam."
"Exam. I told you at the beginning of the class."
"No, I'm sorry, you said something about a 15 PAGE RESEARCH PAPER IN SPANISH, but nothing about an exam."
"Can you take it Tuesday?"

2. Walked out of a museum visit yesterday. In my defense, we were supposed to have left 20 minutes before and she just...kept...talking. Also, we all hate her. I just did what everyone else wanted to do. Still hope she didn't see me, though.

3. Do I have any idea what is going on in that class, by the way? None. Oh no. Picasso? Who's that? Final exam? You mean the one I've missed about four classes and therefore 6 artists for? Pssh. Whatever.

4. KOTOR 2 comes out next week and I don't have an XBox to play it on.

5. Because I want to.


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