Monday, November 29, 2004

A Series of Unrelated Anecdotes Because I'm Bored and No One's On AIM

Also, it's better than writing about artistas y mecenas. That paper is going to be the cause of a major breakdown. I predict it.

The first day I was in Spain, I slept through lunch. You can hardly blame me, seeing as how I didn't get any nappage on the plane (for future reference, 19B is the absolute worst seat assignment ever. Run away). So when dinner rolled around, I was a cross between groggy and STARVING. STARVING won, so I dragged myself into the kitchen to eat. There was a salad for me. It looked good.

In Southern Europe and most crappy Southern European restaurants the world over, your salad dressing choices include:
oil and vinegar.
The options were sitting on the table, and I went to liberally vinegarizate my Romaine when I saw a little brown speck floating in the cruet. A little brown...swimming...speck.

I turned to Pilar. "Umm, there's something in the vinegar."

"Oh, that's just the mother of the vinegar. It comes when the stuff's aged a little bit."

"The mother of the vinegar?"

"Yeah. It's nothing bad, but I'll strain it out for you if you don't like it." She did.

After dinner, I put my dishes in the sink. The strainer, little brown specks intact, was on the drainboard. I bent over to examine what exactly a vinegar's mother looked like.

Mother of the Vinegar = Red eyed wildtype female.

The scariest part is that I could sex it without checking.

Yay AP Bio.


This anecdote has been removed because it's hard to translate into text. Oops.


I thought this week was going to pass unbearably slowly, seeing as how it's the last full week of classes, precedes break this weekend, etc. Take a look at my Tuesday/Wednesday schedule and tell me how absolutely wrong I was:

Tuesday, November 30

10-11am: class
1:30-3pm: makeup class, resulting in early lunchtime (I will be hungry later, boo)
3:30-5pm: class
5-7:30pm: WRITE PAPER LIKE WOAH (I promise to never use that phrase again.)
8-10pm: choir

Wednesday, December 1

12am: say White Rabbit, as bedtime/waking up time is going to be very messed up
2:30am: start wandering around Madrid randomly trying to find O'Connell's
3am: Michigan State (#9 ESPN) at Duke (#10 ESPN), Big Ten/ACC Challenge viewing at O'Connell's
5:30am: end of game (approx.)
6am-11amish: sleep
11am-1:30pm: write more paper, do research for parts of paper that still suck
3:30-5pm: class
5-7:30pm: guess (hint: same as this time period yesterday and it's taking up all my free time ever and ahhhhh)
8pm: choir
9pm: try to sneak out of choir without anyone noticing to go to
10:15pm: flamenco show (free!)
12am: CRASH except

Thursday, December 2

8am: CLASS.

The good part is that by the time I come out of my stupor it should be Friday. Boo-yah.


Yeah, I'm out of anecdotes. 40 days left.


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