Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Oh, Spain, You're Funny When You're Stupid

I went into a special seminar class with the Spanish kiddos today. The professor showed up late, so we were all standing in the hall talking. I began to vent about the paper.

"...and now with footnotes it's 18 pages, but I don't know what to do about it!"

"18 pages? Oh, that's fine! She said ABOUT 15 pages, so 18 is great."

"Yeah, you could really go up to 20 if you wanted. Especially because it's from you."

...because it's from me? What does this mean? She likes me so much she's willing to read extra pages of my horrible crack-addict idiocy? She's going to hate it and throw it out without even reading it anyway? I get a handicap because of poor Spanish skillz?

...let's hope it's the first.

How do you get a staple through 22 pages?


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

...with my great big stapler with great big thick staples that I have had for years and years!

12/15/2004 7:52 PM  

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