Saturday, December 04, 2004

Being Like the Uncle

Elegance is an attitude.

Audrey Hepburn gazes serenely over the bustling crowd.
Christmas on Preciados - resplendant golden bells and azure stars bob gently,
suspended only by 3-inch steel wire and a thousand-dollar electric bill.

The scent of waffles wafts downwind.
I'm not hungry
(12 days left);
hot fudge lazes towards Styrofoam support.

A lone cellist plays a song I've always known.
I hum the second melody, leaning on vibratos and polished black marble.
Chin scrapes woolen coat and striped scarf, avoiding errant chocolate drips.

The cello music fades away.
The last bite and I smile at each other;
Life is an attitude,
we chuckle as I swallow it down.


Blogger Chris Clarke said...


12/04/2004 10:30 PM  
Blogger :D said...


reading anything like this feels good.

life is beautiful.

12/07/2004 10:03 PM  

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