Saturday, December 04, 2004

You Had Best Thank Me For This

Hello, compaƱer@s.

I greatly lament having left you all for a week when Mom was here. I even more greatly lament having left you the absolute crappiest and least interesting post ever to read. To make up for my horrible lapse in blogging responsibility, I have written you a couple special and new (and LONG!) posts for you to take advantage of during this puente. Don't spend them all in one place, now.

First, though, I'm going to make you all SOOOO JEALOUS by telling you where I'm going (as far as I know, I'm not the one running this shebang)!

The Deal: Allison is flying into Munich to visit Jorge, friend from UDLA in Mexico! Four of us are then doing the Mad Alpine RoadTrip!

The Group: Allison, Jorge, female friend of Jorge's (Chilean), male friend of Jorge's (Lithuanian)!

The Challenge: Find a lingua franca within the first two hours!

The Pitstops: Munich, Germany - Konstanz, Germany - Lindau, Germany - Lucerne, Switzerland - Interlaken, Switzerland (undoubtedly better than Interlaken, New York, ahahaha) - Grindelwald, Switzerland - Innsbruck, Austria!

The Plan: We're supposed to have a plan? I don't have a plan! Traipse, ala Von Trapp family, and try to avoid dying from avalanches! I don't know if there will be avalanches! There might be! I like explanation points (only Jeannie will understand this joke and she might not yet because she might not have gotten her postcard!)!

The Souvenir(ieieieir) Situation: Cross your fingers and hope I don't run out of cash, and I might getcha something!

The Rest of It: I LOVE YOU AND WILL SEE YOU ALL SOON! (well, except for ChrisnBecky. And Grandma. And Aunt Carrie and Jess and...doh.)


Blogger Chris Clarke said...

ed. note: have disabled comments on this post. .

Yes, but your puny defensive measures are no match for our superior intellects.

First off: where do you get off talking about harvesting your siblings' organs for beer money? You really ought to at least spend it on something a little more meaningful: a nice single-malt or a fine cognac or even a bottle of Mateus, for pete's sake. For one thing, if you market properly, you'll rake in a bunch. Being part Clarke, for instance, they will have excellent brains which are barely used. Should bring in a pretty penny.

Second off: As a highly-paid Art Historian, YOU will be the one paying the alimony.

So, o my utter favorite of all my nieces over age 18: are you likely to come visit once you get back to Jesusland^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H America?

12/05/2004 1:18 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

The likelihood of my coming to visit is inverse to the degree of my desire to come visit but somehow inextricably linked to my credit card balance and the very holiday-packed 2.5 weeks I have free.

So, no. But that makes me sad, if it's any consolation.

12/09/2004 3:48 AM  
Blogger Chris Clarke said...

Let's talk about some sort of avuncular grant funding for that plane ticket then, maybe spring break or something.

As I'm sure your ideal spring break consists of sitting in Pinole and petting a rabbit as opposed to any of that beach-alcohol-boy kinda stuff.

12/09/2004 4:37 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

You can't get a grant - W cut education funding again (I'm assuming this is true, though I have no evidence to back it up). I will have to use a piece of twine and a rubber band to find my way there. I'll see you in 2008 or so. :)

12/11/2004 8:12 AM  

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