Monday, February 06, 2006

The Internet Is A Frightening Place, My Friends

Steps in this realization:

1. In the process of creating my own webpage using HTML - not your stupid fancy Dreamweaver or that CSS crap, you loser - I checked my Gmail account to make sure it was still working.

2. After flopping into the inbox of the account on which I have received all of my official TFA and Corps correspondence, I noticed it has a ticker up top

3. which is apparently READING MY EMAIL, because there was a link entitled "Alternative to Peace Corps", which led to this site. Not even their general site. Nope. The one that referred specifically to the Corps.

4. So it was there that I found out what the Corps acceptance rate is! It is 50%! Holy CRAP, you people, it took me SIX MONTHS AND A SPY IN MY INBOX TO DISCOVER THIS.

Ok it is my bedtime.


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