Monday, August 29, 2005


I am developing a debilitating addiction to full-fat ranch dressing.

I have to wear a skirt for flamenco. A. skirt. Do you know the last time I wore a skirt? Hint: IT WAS IN SPAIN. And now I will be wearing two skirts a week. Stupid.

However, the upside is that, for Monday and Wednesday classes, I have to walk a grand total of 100 feet from dorm-> class -> lunch -> class -> dorm. I can be a fat American Extraordinaire! w00t!

Hall meeting time to go. Bye!


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Full fat ranch dressing won't hurt my Allie.

Soooo - flamenco - that's so cool!!!

8/29/2005 8:49 PM  
Blogger Dante said...

i am sure you will look adorable in the skirt. break some hearts while you dance! ;-)

8/30/2005 2:48 PM  

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