Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Act II* of Double Entendre Theater

Allison: *changing channels*

Radio: szzzzzfffffttt...*male voice* "but I call them screamers."

Allison: "Who's talking about screamers!?"

Radio: "I love screamers. They're my business!"

Allison: *choke*

Radio: "I go all over the world, to Belgium, Amsterdam, Switzerland, and anywhere else you can think of, looking for the best screamers on the planet!"

Allison: "Are you in the navy?"

Radio: "...so if you're looking for a diamond that doesn't just sit on your hand, but SCREAMS for attention, come to blahblah jewelers in Schenectady, NY!"

Allison: "That...you...but you said...oh god."

*(click Flea, to the left, for Act I.)


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