Friday, March 31, 2006


I have found that I am on the blogroll of a site called, along with a number of people I like, admire, and in one case, love.

1. Um, wow. Thanks, guys! I like the linky linky!

2. If I am thought to encompass the definition of any part of American politics the country is definitely doomed.

3. I am linked under the subcategory called "Academics", right there a couple lines under Bitch, Ph.D.

3c. Phew...whoo! Oh god...oh man...HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA
3e. oooooooooh god. Oh, I think I need a cigarette now. Man. Have you...have you ever read anything I've written?* because you need to reclassify me under the "amateurish idiot" section, I think. I mean, I appreciate the compliment, but man.

*For one good thing I have written scroll down two posts or go here. I was considering leaving it up top, but that's what permalinks are for. Please read it, please...and then you could link to it, maybe? I think it's good. Of course, I wrote it, so I'm not exactly impartial, but...I would give you a cookie.**
**Real, not internet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've linked to you in our blogroll, which means at least one of us read something you wrote and thought it was good. I'm sorry if you feel you were misclassified. I'll move you to the "Other good blogs" section, which is sort of a miscellaneous section for blogs that are hard to classify.

lawrence krubner

7/27/2006 1:31 AM  

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