Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a Pre-Interview Jitters Game

or Name that Homestar Quote!

Below are ten quotes taken somewhere off the Homestar Runner website. Name the character who uttered the quote and the context or skit from which it was taken. Whoever has the most correct answers in the comments by Friday at midnight will get a neat present from me of some kind that I buy in San Francisco somewheres.

1. "Hey, Stink-O-Man! Everybody says you're the guy, but I want to be the guy, too!"


3. "Meka leka hi, meka the Cheat throw a TV on him."

4. "Eh, Steve! is not exactly a person."

5. "Oh really? I could never tell that you weren't from around here."

6. "One day his friend, Pom Pom, asked him to enter some sort of eyeless fish-beast. He said ok."

7. "Ow, my hopes of reaching first base!"

8. "I can do it. I can do it nine times." (both instances give extra credit)

9. "Yeah, you stay over there."

10. "I just saw a baby chick choke on a worm. They both died. Isn't that great?"


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