Monday, August 01, 2005

Changes Done Come

All of us here at AlliSpain were saddened at the loss of Ernie, everyone's favorite diva betta. His bright purpleness and eternal bad humor will be missed by...well, some. How many afternoons will I spend ruminating on his propensity to hop the net and spend five minutes flopping around on the dryer? Or his great love for biting his own tail off? Or the time we had to cut him with razors? Ah, memories.

But AlliSpain is never one to be bogged down by romanticizing the past. In that spirit, Ernie's tail-biting, face-slapping place has been taken by Grendel, the new kid on the proverbial block or literal desk!

This is not Grendel, but it is a fairly accurate representation of him. (No photo cred, as somebody's photobucket account got suspended! OOOOPS!) His blue is a little grayer (steel, tis called) and reaches further up his body to his head - and of course his coloration is messier, because he's a petshop fishie and not purposely bred. I will work on getting a picture. But still, aren't he bootiful? I want to mate him with my Cambodian.

In other news, today I was diagnosed with my very first-ever cavity. I will have it filled next week. I am scared! Logically, I know that anyone who got three impacted wisdom teeth removed with only local anaesthesia should be laughing in the face of a mere (and tiny, at that) filling, but...but...but...needles in my mouth! SOB!

See, this is why I can't be a doctor. I don't mind the taking of blood as long as it is my own, but insertatory needles and other people's blood make me all kerflummoxed. Byargh. Agh. Nofe air.


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