Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Few Small Observations

1. Am I the only one who's alarmed by the commercials for those drugs that treat toenail fungal infections? "Get at the source of your yellow toenails! Side effects may include severe liver and kidney damage or serious rash!" Hey, but who needs the liver? MY FEET ARE PRETTY!

2. Last week, for the first time in my life, I think a professor lowered my grade because I disagreed with him. It's not that simple, of course - I did a midterm on "the most interesting thing we've covered so far in class" and was stupid enough to choose one of his own works that he'd assigned for us (sidenote: Professors who give us their own books to read should be removed from tenure track immediately). I had the audacity to disagree with him and allowed myself to be cowed in the presentation when he argued back to me. So my grade dropped because I had "prepared inadequately". Well jeez, dude. On a related note, I'm presenting on his OTHER book on Monday, a project which magically transformed itself from "do the reading and present on it" to a research presentation with two days' leeway. I HATE THIS CLASS. I HATE THIS PROFESSOR. I WOULD TELL YOU WHO HE IS BUT THAT WOULD BODE NOTHING GOOD FOR ME. Art history majors at Duke can feel free to solicit my advice on professors via private contact.

3. Registration for spring classes is next week. Here is what I have bookbagged:

Your eyes are not deceiving you. I am taking two Phys Ed classes (fencing and yoga, in case you were interested), a survey Spanish course, and an independent study. I would be gleeful except for the fact that this schedule implies ThesisFest2006, a hopefully more successful continuation to the non-existent ThesisFest2005.

4. On that note, I promised my professor 10 pages by Monday. Guess how many of those I have written? Guess! ... 0! YAAAAYYY! And with the now-research project and CPR class this morning (I can save people now!) and work tonight and choir and choir redux tomorrow and Epworth Halloween party and work tomorrow night, it's not looking good. There may not be sleep involved in my life for a while. Wheeeee.


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