Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another in a Long Line of Abortive Attempts at Mediocrity

I have made a great and unprecedented discovery as regards the sociology of these blog-type-things. It seems that the appearance of new entries on a regular basis is dictated primarily by two factors:

1. Regular internet access
2. Having something to talk about

I have based my hypothesis on an analysis of one Allistan, a painfully dull internet web-thing. This particular case showed relatively regular entries from August 2004 until around August 2006, when posting ground to a screeching halt. My research indicates that the two above-listed factors affected posting rates on the following approximate timeline:

August 2006-October 2006: no regular internet access
November 2006-January 2007: nothing to talk about
February 2007-March 2007: no regular internet access

There appears to have been an additional short interlude around November 2007 entitled "searching for work; living in terror of the tyranny of Google". However, additional research seems to indicate that this reason is not widespread enough among the general internet populace to bear inclusion on my list.

My hope is that this ground-breaking research will have widespread implications for the general internet community. More of the populace must be made aware of this terrible problem: those without the internet are not able to blog. Think of all the cat stories we may be missing!

Now go forth and spread my gospel. Get the internet to more people! Learn more about their cats!


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Go to the library?

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