Friday, February 04, 2005

So I've finally carved out some free time for the first time in forever by a quick bout of cost-benefit analysis (psst: if you've spent 5 hours reading 80 pages and don't understand any of it, chances are wasting the next two hours on the remaining 20 pages isn't really worth your time). But now I don't know what I should blog about. bout...umm...yeah, ok, I got nothin. I work a closing shift tomorrow and am training n00bs at 10 on Saturday and have choir at 9 on Sunday and want to die already just thinking about it. Why am I the only person on earth who gets more sleep on (and consequently likes better) Mondays? Why? Why? I am left without a frame of reference re: my fellow man.

I am very tempted to turn on Star Trek and scream "NO TOMORROW" and sleep for 12 hours, then go spend my newfound RA stipend money on a pimp DDR setup (with surround sound, my friends). But tomorrow I have to go to class and the gym and turn in an essay for German and come up with something to write about the aforementioned 100 unintelligible pages on modern art theory. And then I have to work. And then I have to throw myself off a train bridge. Whee. Bain't no rest for the wicked.


Blogger Coral Clarke said...

More Germany-trip info!!! (Something about almost getting killed?)

2/06/2005 4:33 PM  

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